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So I was wondering: what is that one big prop you always wanted? And by "big," I mean large, too large for you to have built yet due to cost or size.

For me, I would love to have the sleigh from "The Santa Clause." Not the one he uses after he becomes Santa, but the one from when he first finds the sleigh on the top of his house.
Keeping my response in terms of what would be possible in the real world if money was not an issue, I'd probably have a warehouse full of replica cars from various movies and tv shows. Off the top of my head, the collection would include the Torino from Starsky and Hutch, Herbie from The Love Bug, the '69 Mustang from Bullitt, the General Lee, the Bluesmobile, various Batmobiles, and so on.

Excluding reality...the Millennium Falcon, Serenity from Firefly, a TARDIS with sonic screwdriver, Uncle Martin's ship from My Favorite Martian, a fully functional lightsaber (preferably Ben Kenobi's from Star Wars)...and, of course, the knowledge to operate each of them properly.
Harry's Sheepdog van
An R2 unit. That's the big one for me at the moment, one that's just a dream for now. I'd need to finish several smaller projects to fund it. Better get my butt to work.
an AT-AT or AT-ST for me. Always thought about building an AT-ST as a tree house for the kids someday. Not sure my neighbors would like it too much though lol
My biggest 'prop' is James Bond's Lotus TurboEsprit:


As featured in the 1981 movie: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY


Complete with the ski rack, two pair of OLIN skis and the 'burglar protection'. :lol
Hey Nguyen

Is this YOUR car or pics of of the actual SU item?

Just checked your website...impressive, I´m envy ;)

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Hi Markus,

The Lotus (this one and the white one from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME) are my earliest childhood desires that I can remember... :)
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