Terminator Minigun


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A really big airsoft gun version of the big minigun from Terminator 2.


It completely knocks down like it should.


It has an airsoft M249SAW gearbox inside, and a motorized ammunition feeder.


It is about twice the SIZE of the one in the movie, because I had the scale off from the beginning. This thing would dwarf Arnold if he posed with it.


It's over four feet long!


A reworked Logitech joystick became the fire control group. The tiny switches kick relays on and off to carry the real current.


The operating principle: the BB's fly out the center axle, not the spinning barrel pack, so it shoots straight.

Yes, this whole thing exists in 3d CAD:

YouTube - ‪Killbuckets BIG Homemade M134 Minigun3 -You can build this!!!‬‏

More minigun videos are here:Killbucket's: 23 Killbuckets Home Built Minigun Videos
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