Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Centurion (L3D)

Terminator 2: Centurion on Legends in 3D base

Got myself a Centurion resin figure.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Centurion was a Steve Burg design to be featured as a Skynet machine in the future war scenes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. However, due budget costs, it never made it into the movie. This is a shame as the design rocks. Terminator Genisys used this version as base for the new Spider Tank, however that new design doesn't do it for me. I love the original T2 design and I had to get a statue of it.

I already had the Ground Hunter Killer and the Aerial Hunter Killer of the Legends In 3D serie, and wanted a Centurion with similar base to complete the future war set. I had one second (spare) Legends in 3D Aerial Hunter Killer that I got cheaply, and would demolish it (with pain in my heart) for just the base.

I sawed off the steel pole on which the airship was "flying". I also removed the original demolished car as the scale would not match the Centurion figure. I gave the street an extra layer of the color black so I could camouflage the removed the car and pole location.

One of the legs was broken off, and during my work on this statue, one of the guns also broke off. I used epoxy sculpt to re-attach them and to fill in some cracks in the lower body of the figure. Unfortunately this meant losing some nice details. :-(

As an extra decoration I added this red truck. I sanded and repainted it because the stripes had to go and it needed to look dirty and rusty.

This pickup truck has to resemble the red truck from the famous T2 Arcade Game videogame, in which you drive to Skynet in a similar red truck. This is my small hommage to that great (and very difficult) game. The scale won't be a perfect fit with the Centurion figure, but I don't care. The lower leg of the Centurion should be as tall as a grown up adult. The car is just a little little little bit smaller. It's hard to get a good idea of the scale, when this figure never left the creation stage in the movie and it is unknown if this was the final size/scale or that its size would be modified in the movie.
This is the scale I could find for T2:

And this is the scale I could find for Terminator Genisys when their concept art still had the original Centurion design incorporated. The Centurion looks bigger here compared to its T2 scale.

So I painted the Centurion chrome (more silver like) with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome and attached it to the base. Also added a gun system on the back of the truck (T2 Arcade Game!) and this is the result:

Compared to the other Legend in 3D figures:

And some size comparison between the big Centurion (will be posted soon) and the Genisys' Spider Tank:

Coming up next: Terminator 2: Centurion (big)