Terminator anime (Netflix)

Honestly, I'd prefer a RoboCop vs. The Terminator adaptation. But I'm willing to give this a shot, just to see how it plays out.
I'm just like...

Traumatized disgust GIF
I know if the music is like the trailer, big pass. The music in the first two movies is epic. I don't know what that garbage
was !

It sounded like the background music from a 'Terminator' parody scene in another movie. Like they wanted to use the real music but they didn't have the IP rights.
Okay intro graphics, lousy music, no animation.

So...I guess Netflix's new "business model" is doing title intros for other studios animation series? o_O

Otherwise, pretty pointless.
Now if you saw the one for The Witcher that they're doing, that looked decent. It's got to be better than the last season or two of the live action disaster.
This is like watching a video game trailer that's all prerendered cutscenes. You're not really showing me anything.
Okay intro graphics, lousy music, no animation.

So...I guess Netflix's new "business model" is doing title intros for other studios animation series? o_O

Otherwise, pretty pointless.

Two possible reasons:

1) To avoid some type of weird copyright and/or royalty issues related to the original logo(s) and music, these are altered JUST ENOUGH, or...

2) Trying to evoke the original, but be their own "thing", the logo and music were altered
As long as there are anime versions of a scottish accented redhead T-X played by Shirley Mansen from Garbage, another terminatrix played by Summer Glau, and maybe a cameo voiced by Lena Headey, we're good with another series.
Frankly, I'm not that hyped about this. It seems they are just continuing to muddy the waters instead of just making what most would love to see - the future war as Kyle Reese described it in T1. They have a very nice framework from what he tells in that movie to create a story around... but we will NEVER see it. Even James Cameron's next Terminator film will just continue to muddy the waters by continuing from the Dark Fate move. It could have been so awesome to have a release in 2029 that showed exactly what happened up to Reese being sent back - making it R rated and center in the horror of surviving in a world where humans are hunted and put in camps. So... I'm out.
There is probably no version of adult John Connor and 'the future war movie' that doesn't disappoint fans.

It was built up way too much, which is why Cameron was smart enough to never give us more than brief teasers of it.

In can be done as a movie, but the expectations have to be lower. And even in a best-case-scenario it will be a lower box office seller than 'Terminator' stuff set in the pre-judgment-day present.
Easy. Don't focus on him. Keep him almost mythical. Though... it could also be interesting to see a real study of such a man, who people idolizes and feel can do no wrong... get into the heart of things, see the man behind the myth. It's so easy to make it cheesy and over the top. But people like him exist in history and we have historical dramas and movies about them... and they work fine if written well. But I guess we cannot expect good writing in the Terminator franchise anymore. Now it's just mindless dumb techno babble and explosions.
I have high hopes for this anime, all of the anime that Netfliix has produced so far have been, in my opinion, top notch. And this is being physically produced by Studio IG, one of the powerhouses in the anime industry, I trust them to do a good job with minimal interference from Netflix outside of the base story concept.

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