Terminator 3D fan film project


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I hope this thread is appropriate for this forum. I don't have the resources to build real replicas like this yet, but digital is cheap and easy with no dangerous chemicals and fumes to deal with! ;)

I have been a huge fan of the Terminator franchise since seeing the first movie in a theater when it was released so many years ago. It just came out, and there wasn't a lot of buz yet. I was in art school at the time and a classmate came in and said he saw the most mind blowing amazing movie. We HAD to go see it. It was a friday so a bunch of us went to the local cinema after class and saw.... the most mind blowing awesome movie ever made to that point.

That same weekend I bought 2 pairs of those ORIGINAL Nike shoes worn by Reese... and wish I still had them as they would probably be worth some cash. Unfortunately I wore them till they disintegrated. I wore them almost every day for years. I loved those shoes. Never thought they would become important to film fans or I would have bought an extra pair and stashed them away. :)

Fast forward many years.... the digital revolution.... and 3D modeling. Years ago I created a 3D replica of the T800 using Animation:Master. This was quite a while ago and there wasn't a ton of info available. I relied solely on screen captures from DVDs to create my digital version.


My new project is a parody/fan film based on the Terminator franchise.

The script involves two T800's sitting at a table in the break room of a Skynet manufacturing facility. This is a typical break room of a manufacturing plant that's been cranking out T800's for years.

This short film (about 10 minutes in length) opens on two t800's sitting at a table in the break room of a skynet manufacturing facility. Typical break room for the working stiffs of a decades old manufacturing facility. vending machines, bulletin board, a sign with "no accidents for XXXX days", Skynet versions of OSHA regulations poster, a dart board with John and Sarah Conner's face, overflowing garbage can, etc.

The film will feature two T800's who have known each other for years and having the same discussions and complaints about upper management humans would have in the same situation. In this case one is trying to explain time travel to the other one and why he feels the war against the humans using time travel is a waste of time and resources and will ultimately fail no matter how many times they attempt it. Their discussion during a break will cover the various failed attempts to stop John and Sarah Conner over the years.

Since the creation of my first T800 I have moved on to Lightwave and decided to completely start over and recreate a T800 from scratch in LW with all the modeling, rigging and special FX tools it comes with.

I have used resources gathered from this forum and other places scattered over the internet.
Hi. Funny idea.
Would love to see some of your work in progress if you have.
I've just started on one myself in 3D, basing it off of Terminator Genisys. Was thinking of starting a thread so I'll guess I'll do that soon.
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