Terminator 2 endo arm design , print , build


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wife decided she wanted a terminator 2 arm , so designed, printed and built one to what i can see as quite accurate
Did initially come across conquering worms blue prints post for the endo arm to which alot of inspiration was taken for this build

there is quite a lot of ref around now with a few screen used endo arms from t2 to grab info from, all were a little different

actually quite pleased how it all came out .
everything bolts into place
push fit parts
threaded inserts
lock in place so no glue etc

no post processing

i have a video here that shows the build process after printing

here are some pictures from the final piece together

currently on the look out for a accurate t2 skull now to print so any pointers in the right direction would be great as its not something I've contemplated designing to print at the moment

20230225_223024 - Copy.jpg20230225_223037 - Copy.jpg20230225_223054 - Copy.jpg20230225_223059 - Copy.jpg20230225_223120 - Copy.jpg20230225_223128 - Copy.jpg20230225_223139 - Copy.jpg20230225_223142 - Copy.jpg20230225_223149 - Copy.jpg20230225_223211 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223221 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223343 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223413 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223420 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223607 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_223712 - Copy (2).jpg20230225_225149 - Copy.jpg20230225_225159 - Copy.jpg20230226_152721 - Copy.jpg20230226_152733 - Copy.jpg20230226_152753 - Copy.jpg20230226_152814 - Copy.jpg20230226_152946 - Copy.jpg20230226_153012 - Copy.jpg20230226_153021 - Copy.jpg20230226_153121 - Copy.jpg20230226_153218 - Copy.jpg20230226_153231 - Copy.jpg20230226_153304 - Copy.jpg
Thank you :)

Yer i looked at that one on Thingiverse along with some others.yours looks great :) . Any of the files make a great display piece It is a great file . But for me personally with looking at all the ref available for screen used arms there was a range of differences some not on any models i came across Depending on what scene was used for . Alot of the changes were the smaller pistons running from the palm to fingers and fringer s to base nearer to the fingers . Some were like mine , some had three ribs top and bottom and some had one . So with conquering worms blueprints as a base to work off i designed my own from the ground up. Even he said alot of the ref i have now wasnt available back then
also wanted to allow use of specific sized tubes , threaded inserts , rods and springs .
no glue needed and to have everything look and be funtional. Everything just bolted or lock into place . The tops of the wrist plate i designed so the very tops locked into the lower finger section with no glue or fixings . Made the prints clean too
There is one piece i made that i actually forgot about and will add at a later date .
This allows the shield part to be fixed to the lower section by a clip in guide ring that allows the two parts to join but also allows the shield part to twist

This one kind of incorporates in my eyes all the varients into one . A one does all function . Pretty happy how it turned out . At somepoint im contemplating printing in pla+ or petg and making it work remotely as that was also my thoughts with the design. ;) pla is just a touch too brittle in some places
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