Terminator 2 - Directors-Cut Chips


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Hello all, I've had these for several years now but I felt I'd share them to this sub-forum..since, I've never really had anything else to share in here, haha.

These are my original, screen-used Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Chips, from the extended/directors-cut version of the film that I grew up on, only used in the garage scene of the film.
A portion of that scene which I felt shouldn't have been removed at all for explanatory narrative reasons primarily, but also it's clever practical effects using a mirrored set viewed through the faux mirror sized hole in the dividing wall of the two sets, Linda Linda Hamilton's twin sister, Leslie aiding in the mirroring effect etc..such a great series of shots that were sadly removed from the theatrical cut.

The smaller/actual sized one was used for normal shots (the one in the 2nd photo), and the much..much larger one was used for close-ups in the very same scene (the one in the 3rd photo). The smaller chip is however missing the brass colored 'connector' piece sadly, it was that way when I acquired them.
..I had the very rare/lucky chance to snag them both, and from my all-time favorite action film at that..

Items in my collection that I can never justify parting with, for sure..though the screen-used 'broken' chip from T2 might convince me otherwise, haha





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