TDKR Bane Costume


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Saw some members on another board already piecing together a Bane costume. Wondered if anyone here was giving it a shot or had reference pics to share.
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I hope these help some :)


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wow. those are the first up-close shots i've seen. i love the mask but holy hell have they stepped away from the traditional look or what? :D


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These shots were taken during a raffle after they just got done with a shoot and Tom Hardy gave away a car to the extras in the stadium. Not sure what Nolan is planning to do in the final editing with Bane. He might make Bane look bigger with camera angles and such? I am a big fan of Tom Hardy and think he will do a teriffic job. I have seen him in Bronson and The Take and he can be quite intimidating, scary and larger then life. I met him and Comic Con and he is pretty big.


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In the teaser pic they first released of bane he had his tattoos covered by photoshop or makeup. But in the picture above he has them showing. Was he wearing sleeves during that scene or are they going to edit it out?


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i think they would have had him in that big heavy coat while shooting, hiding his real life tattoo's.

i certainly hope they cover them up for scenes without the coat!


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Yeah he was wearing the heavy coat during the scene he was filming there. After he was done he took it off to do the raffle and gave away a car and some other prices to the extras who were out in the stadium all day.


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I really like Banes getup. I don't know what people were expecting, I knew Nolan wouldn't be going for some Mexican wrestler-type villain for this. I'm glad he didn't, although I am a big fan of Bane in the comics. I can't wait for someone to finish this mask, or for DC to come out with one that I can pick up.


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I wonder if the mask is gonna have some kinda nebulized Venom running into it, that's what I wanna know, I can handle a visual departure, for sure, but without Venom he really isn't going to much of a Bane. Final judgement will be reserved for next summer nonetheless.


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Yeah I saw some people talking about the coat Bane is wearing in the stills and I was wondering if nobody knew what kind of coat that was, to me it kind of looks like a suede jacket with wool lining on the inside, but I can't be sure can somebody help me out, I would really appreciate it.
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