Tank Girl Rocket Bra -Help?


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I have a photo shoot I am building some props for and the rocket bra is the last step. Time is of the essence so I can't really wait on internet purchases.

What I need is a tube, between 15 and 18 centimeters in diameter. There isn't a model rocket shop anywhere near me. Hardware stores carry form tubes, but they are too large. I can find pvc in the right size, but the price on a full piece is out of the budget (which, for all intents and purposes, is basically nothing).

Any ideas?


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If it's a one-day shoot and you don't need bullet-proof props I'd use rolled thick cardstock and form the curved cone ends from flower-shop oasis covered with paper tape. You want to keep it light so it doesn't droop and/or make your model feel hideously uncomfortable.

Enough coats of paint and you'll be fine.

For those who don't know...


nick daring

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I think cardboard and paper tape is the way to go too. Use wire to attach it to a regular bra. Glue can get stressed and pop without a good mechanical connection. Build up the fins pretty thick so they look good on camera.

A good weathered paint job should hide any build flaws. Paint white, add the checkered area, then use watered down brown and black acrylic to make look old and dirty. Maybe a few silver scratches in the paint first. The checkered pattern will help also hide any lumpiness on the curved tips.

I love cheap and fast prop builds!

Good luck.


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Not sure if this is already over, but I always get plenty of free large cardboard tubes from my local carpet store whenever needed. Large rolls of carpet and flooring come rolled on what you seek. Please post up what you wound up doing.


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looks like you need to make a bra/harness with two plastic bowls/domes your breast size then attatch the plastic tubes to that (rivet,hotglue ect)

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