T-800 Brain Chip - Origin?


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A friend bought me this about 10 years ago during a trip to Florida at Universal Studios I believe.

As I've recently become more interested in replica props, I've recently tried to find out more about it. The certificate along with it says "produced by Peerless Design Studios". The only webpage I can find from searching this term is here : T2 CPU Brain Chip Replica - PEERLESS DESIGN STUDIOS - Terminator - Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth Item Archive

It's number 84 (pretty cool, since 1984 is when the first movie came out). Mine is in perfect condition which is surprising since I've moved about 8 times since getting it in 2001, including a move across the world.

Upon researching I found a pretty poor imitation of it with unraised lettering, cheaper construction. Which confused me even more.

Does anyone know more about this piece? What was it limited to? Where was it sold?

Since there seems to be a lack of information about it, would people be interested in me taking some better photographs of it? I don't know how much people follow the Terminator series around here.
Welcome to the RPF first of all :)

While I do not have any information about that particular chip, russrep makes a fantastic replica here which are quite reasonably priced.
Something phishy about that web site. Every single thing is "Sold Out", tens of thousands of items and I couldn't find a single ONE that wasn't. Heck I even checked the Saseme Street items!
Then, I got redirected and hung up on 3 times when I tried to call them...

Thing I can't figure out is: why? why goto the trubble of making a web site this large, with this many items on it, and not sell anything????
the website is Entertainment Earth, a well known shop for all sorts of collectables, lots of stuff is in-stock I was just on it this morning.

I've seen pictures before of that chip, along with the finger but thats all the information I got on it sadly.
The chip you have is extremely rare. Peerless Design Studios took over the T2 license after Icons... can't remember if it was before or after Timeless Collectibles. However, they had a VERY short lifespan. They had a website where they promoted their products. There are but only a handful of each piece they made that are out there. It's been a long time so I can't tell you more... maybe some other guys can chime in.
Here are some pictures, since they seem scarce. They are on my iPhone, sorry for the poor quality, I can't find my card reader for SLR.

1. Full Shot

2. Just the info plate

3. Top part with 22k plated(?) chip
I think RussRep made a replica of the peerless design or at least display. I want that damaged T2 hand from peerless :)
Replica of the Peerless design? You mean copy, clone, "re-cast", right?

I don't think so. I haven't handled one personally, but from all my research on it, russrep's is/was machined from a metal block and isn't a recast.

I'd really like to get a complete brain chip but none of the ones I've seen look completely like the one in the poor screen captures from the movie. I'd love to find some really good shots of it though--I'd like to try and locate the components (such as the connector) and make a more accurate one for myself.
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