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Now once the contractors are done building my place (or atleast the garage) im gonna get a 3d printer and make my OWN HALL OF ARMOR ! ! !

So many years waiting to get here.



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You're being very generous to the world/internet, Syrus, but please don't go all out.
You've worked too hard to give it all away for nothing to most people you don't even know, and some don't even give a sh&t about you, where you come from or what your talents are.Just promise you'll take good care of yourself as well and primarily.Can't bear to watch these things happen at the expense of someone decent


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It's not all bad this go around. Since I have a v2 now which is INSANELY DETAILED to 100% accuracy, giving away the v1 isn't a loss now.

Even though a bunch of people already have those files, atleast now they can have them, and I'll be ok with it.


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Wow... Rpf is super virus'd right ow....

As i said (and rpf posted THIS in someone elses forum) :

Just found another human selling my stuff on Etsy. Just posted a couple weeks ago....

Only 1 person ever bought my model of the Hall of Armor diorama from TurboSquid, and here it is being sold on Etsy now....
What a dirtbag....

Wanna know whats worse? While filingthe coprih, come to find out yhat turbosquid was bought by shutterstock, and ALL OF MY STUFF ON THERE was deleted, so now i cant reference the model this scumbag bought and is now freeloadingly distributing....

He paid $70 for it. Turbosquid kept $35 as a fee "royalties" they called it, and now hes selling my stuff at $20 a pop....

Im just about done with this life...................


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I own Sentinel Props. These models here are 100% my own, i have never even seen your models for sale. I never bought your models. Your accusations are completely unfounded. I can show you the models, i have the original solidworks files where i created them FROM SCRATCH based upon the ones from hot toys which i own.
Just because someone modelled the same thing does not mean they used your model.
Rather than message me with your accusations which i would show absolute proof of being my own model (there are many noticeable differences) , you decided to copyright strike my store.


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I also sell 2 other designs of halls of armour. Are these suddenly your model also?
No, because along with the one you reported for no good reason, i model everything i sell myself. I have been selling my own 3d print files for years now.


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This is probably good bye guys.
I cant deal with this garbage anymore. The thieves, the lies, the back AND front stabbings.
So this is probably the last render im ever gonna upload.
Thanks for teaching me about pepakura, sharing some models along the way, and the very FEW of you that were actually cool.

Enjoy this wireframe render of some of my favorite models.


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