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Mark 5 v2 - DONE
The People have Spoken, Here Ya Go ! ! !
v1 vs v2 side by side comparison.










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lol.. I started getting mad when I saw this render, thinking someone was using part of my model, and added some details, trying to take credit for my work.

But after looking into it, I found that it was actually my undertech suit. Just one of the Many models that I havent seen in SO DAMN LONG...

Man, I really need to get my Hard Drive Recovered ! ! !



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Model Thievery Announcement:

If you have Modelled, or know someone that has modelled ANYTHING EVER, tell them to check this little punks account on Thingiverse.

His name is "JACE1969", and he's ammassed over 500 Unauthorized Models, including Many of my Own.
I've filed copyright claim after Copyright Claim, and not only Does Thingiverse not care, but they have ALLOWED this to get as bad as it is.
Almost Condoning what he's doing, instead of Condeming.

Look at how much of a Punk he is here: He modified my Ironman glove, into an Obscene Gesture, and mockerized my Username:

Beware of JASON MCLACHLAN from New Zealand.
A real Piece of Human Trash.


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I wassscrewingaround on one of my oldlaprops, and found an old version of my Hall of Armor ! ! !

Granted, its not the latest version i had done (its missing the dioramas, the suits, the car and tools, and the basement section from IM3, but it definately helps soften the blow of the hard drive crashing.

And if things go as planned, i should have enough money before the end of the year to get Data Recovery done to the hard drive, and get back (hopefully) ALL of my lost work.

So here's Hoping....



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Another punk thief making me file copyright claims on YouTube, and file sharing programs that he uploaded my stuff to.


Can't believe the jerk then had the gall, to call me an audacious child for reporting him.
Then he went on to complain about the fact that (as he calls it) "me Distributing my work online for people to have, and then complaining about it".
What an ignorant no name, piece of nothingness... Why is it that nobody can take 5 Seconds to do a simple Google search with my name?
They would know the entire story in just a few minutes time... But no......... Too much work, I guess.....

There's nothing flattering about somebody stealing something that you spent so many weeks modeling from scratch...
I know my models are the most sought-after common most commonly stolen files... But damn...

Is it too much to ask for a little respect?
The least that somebody could do, would be to contact me, and at least ask my permission before they did it...
I am an active user on YouTube... It's not like I'm in hiding......... Jesus.................



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Well here's some distressing news...

I have all my stuff in storage right now, waiting to move into my new shop (taking forever to get it finished)
and I cant seem to find my crashed hard drive.

I KNOW ! ! !

I wont know for sure if I've lost the thing, until i'm able to unpack all my boxes, but i tell ya,
if I lost that thing, I dont think I have it in me to start all over again.

The Helicarrier, Stark Tower, All my IronMan suits, Tony Starks Garage, all the Arc Reactors I made, the racecars.... hell,
I'm not even mentioning all my Music, personal photos and home movies.... damn............

I'm keeping hope alive, until I get down to the Last Box, but I'll let you guys know what happens.

Should be within the next couple weeks, but I'm not holding my breath.
The shop shouldda been finished 6 months ago... so....
In reality, dont expect an update on this until January.

Stay Tuned.

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