SW Trade Federation Tank


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This was a quick SW build for a bit of a change. The Trade Federation tank from Ep1 AMT kit. The kit itself is very well engineered, with no flash or fit issues. After painting in various shades of browns and a bit of black for the ports, i assembled the kit straight out of the box, with one big exception of opening the commander's hatch, which i stuck some greebles to the underside, including a few handles. The droid figure is an action figure from Kenner.

that is a great build! I built one a long time ago... after episode 1 came out. :) I agree that it's a great kit. And I love how you incorporated the droid! Since you went to all that trouble, do you think you might go back and clean up those seam lines in the future?
That looks great!

That kit is surprisingly accurate for a mass production kit. It's almost exactly the same size as the maquette that John Goodson made for the film.
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