Superman Returns ship - how to do it?


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I was looking at the deleted scene from Superman Returns, showing Clark's investigating the ruins of Krypton -

‪Return To Krypton - Superman Returns Deleted Scene HQ‬‏ - YouTube

and was struck by what a great design the ship is:


Now I am no modeler - especially if it's anything more complicated than your basic styrene kit - but that didn't stop me from sparing a couple of thoughts towards what it would take to make something like this. (This place often leads me to thoughts like that! :) )

It seems to me that getting the basic form would be challenging but not undoable. The main problem, though, is that there are multiple layers/structures of crystal inside there. (Especially noticable around the 3:00 mark in the video.) That would suggest that constructing it from pieces of acrylic or the like would work better than trying to cast it. Or perhaps casting some parts of it and assembling others...

Needless to say, it would have to be lighted, otherwise the internal structure wouldn't matter nearly so much.

Any thoughts or ideas (other than "You are SO over your head that it's silly!"?)

space rat

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Would love to see a model of this ship. I think your on the right track,.. acrylic rod for some parts and clear cast resin for others. I'm sure someone can figure it out.


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When I got to the point of thinking "If this is just a one man scout vessel, what would a capital class ship look like?" I quickly came to the same conclusion. :)

Mola Rob

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I looked in my copy of Starlog where the crew of Hartland discuss building the light ship. They lit it with neon and grain of wheat bulbs. They don't specifically mention what it was made from only that they used bits of plastic. Very helpful. :unsure
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