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This week I took my son to the Superman Museum in Metropolis, IL. I had enough foresight to take a along crappy instant camera and snap a few pics.

First off, we have a flamethrower from Lois & Clark. It's made entirely from wood, plastic tubing and a couple of greeblies.

Here are some crystals from the first movie. The display was horrible and I could only photograph from a limited arc due to the frosting around the sides.

The longest one looked to be about a foot long. It's mostly green, but the top end is clear. This leads me to believe that the green crystals may have originally been clear and dipped in some kind of dye.

The clear one on the left was about 8" long.

Does anyone know what the originals were made of? I have heard acrylic, but they look more like plex.

They also had a green crystal. Again, about 8" long. Isn't this a replica that was offered a couple of years back?

I was surprised to see Jor-El's evidence rod. Note the end which holds the lighting mechanism.

And here is a gun that had a slightly familiar feel to it. It was used in the short-lived Superboy series from the 90's. Looks to be a blaster from Galactica or Buck Rogers. Even kinda has a Dr. Who look to it. I figure it may have been a rental that got auctioned off. There was no other information on the placard regarding its provenance. Any ideas?

There were a couple of interesting knobs on Lex Luthor's equipment, but the pictures turned out blurry. I posted about them here, since they were knobs related to the bowcaster.



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short-lived Superboy series from the 90's.
4 seasons is short lived?

EDIT: Great pics, BTW, but that's the first thing that came to mind :)


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I beleive I read onece that a London company made the original material of the ship from a product called perspex. A British patent for a variation on plexiglass.


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Neon - Sorry, I never watched the show. I thought it was only on for a season or two.

Tripoli - Would Plexiglas and Perspex fall under the general category of Polycarbonate? I'm trying to find a supplier.