Superman II's Krypton Guard?


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I was thinking it might be fun to do a Kryton (Kryptonian?) guard for DragonCon. General Zod's party assaults one at the very beginning of Superman II.

Does anyone have some screen shots of the costume? Is the bottom half of the costume even shown on screen?


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Here's a crappy albeit full body scan of a pic of the suit.

From a scene in the Special Edition Superman The Movie DVD. It shows the full body of the guard being dispatched to Jor-El's lab.

Superman II gives you a nice close up of the helmet and a belt device. My screencap program took a crap, but I'm sure some other nice RPFwe will help you out.

Be sure to post pics if you do make this.



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Thanks for the images, guys. Yeah, I wanted to come up with an 'obscure' costume for DC this year, and Superman II came on a couple weeks ago on cable. I thought this would just be obscure enough. I'll post some design work as the months roll by.