Superglue Lycra Removal


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Hey all,

I recently took my Ultimate Spidey lenses off my suit and want to glue on smaller lenses.

There is a superglue stain in the shape of the rim from the old bigger Spidey lenses on the mask that i'd like to get rid of. I have heard acetone works. Has anyone tried doing this? The glue was superglue gel, and it's sorta hardened on the fabric.

Thank you :)


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Acetone is a decent solvent for CA glue, but I've never used it on fabric. Some synthetic fabrics react poorly to solvents. Do you have a scrap of lycra you could test it on first? If so I'd recommend that.


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I doubt you will be able, hot glue or contact cement maybe because it can be dissolved but not superglue.
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