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I watched Super Mario Bros. at my friends dorm lastnight, and ever since that movie came out, I have always wanted that meteorite necklace that Daisy wore. Has that piece ever been done by anyone on here, or more importantly, is there any interest in having one done?

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Having worked on the show as one of my first gigs, I have fond memories of that movie.
I also have one of the copies of the rock necklace. We made them in the FX shop in clear resin.
The fun part was dying the top half blue with embedded glitter. :)

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I have this pic. The glitter was more of an iridescent type liquid we added to the resin. Not sure if you can really see it in this pic. The "Crust" of the meteor and the leather necklace are not on this piece.

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I have fond memories of that movie.
being a child of the 80s, and having grown up playing super mario.... my memories aren't so fond of the film. ;)

VERY cool story and prop, though. i actually kinda have a love/hate feeling towards the film. it's so 'out-there', that i can't help but get a kick out of it. ... i just have to forget the title, haha.


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Man I was thinking about this the other day. 8 perf, did you work on the Stomper boots? I would be really interested in knowing what the source for those are, as I would REALLY like to make a set.

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There were only one set of "Hero" stomper boots that I know of. They were cast from a hard resin afgter being sculpted around a set of ski boots. These were made in L.A. and we made molds forthe foam rubber versions to be used by the actors in long shots and anytime you didn't need to see the actions of the cartridge ot the lights over the toes work.
I couldn't tell you what model of boot they were done from, however I am pretty sure Patrick Tatapolis was the designer. I have a ton of pics of the Fungus I made, and some of the other props and stuff. I have a few of the police cars and the Thwomp Stompers. Ill try to scan them in later this weekend and get them up here.
Even though this thread has been long since dead, I thought I'd revive it because I've come across something that might be of interest to people...

I recently had the opportunity to purchase the last hero meteorite necklace from the film. It's a very nice piece still in great condition, and as mentioned above, where it's dyed around the "crust" at the top is pretty cool. When you hold it up to the light, it actually is transparent all the way through, though the top doesn't look like it.

I'm a big fan of this film and am also still trying to find some other props from it. I'd love to find one of the Stomper Boots... even though there was only one hero pair, they made some others out of foam latex as display boots for set deco.


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That is pretty bad ass, this was one of my fav movies when I was a kid, I always wanted q pai of the boots that made you jump really far lol
Sweet pics.

I've got a soft-spot for this movie. :thumbsup
Thanks! It's a great prop. Certainly one of the holy grails from the movie.

I also have a love for that movie. It really had some awesome props and art direction. I've talked to a couple people who worked on the film and they all said that it was a ton of work and even though the movie wasn't very popular, those guys are still proud of their hard work on it.
This is one of the other props I have from the film. It's the Bullet Bill cartridge Mario puts into the chamber on the back of the Stomper Boot before firing it at Koopa toward the end of the movie.

I also have a few other props from the movie I'll be getting in about a week. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the props from the movie were destroyed after filming ended.


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I ended up watching the movie again this morning because of this thread. While personally, I can't really recommend this to anyone that I know for fear of losing friends, I will admit that it did have some cool props. :lol ;)

I would love to see the boots made, and I'm thinking of trying my hand at a Bob-Omb.
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