Superman (Justice League) Screen-Used Suit - Reference Pics By Request

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I've posted this a lot over on the Facebook group but I through I'd pop this here in the forums too, for people who aren't on Facebook.

My place of work has displays of super-hero and villain suits that they seem to change out every couple of years.

I took a whole load of pictures of the Superman suit that was on display and thought I'd share them here.

If there are any specific parts that I haven't photographed that people would like shots of, please just let me know and I'll take my camera in and take the pictures for you.

Currently we also have:
Spider-Man Homecoming
Batman Suit (Justice League)
Wonder Woman Suit (Justice League)


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Fantastic photos! If you ever get a chance to take more, please do! The more the better. Love the details to the suit. If you could, some photos of the boot soles would be great. And just anymore numerous great shots of the suit details. Thank you for the post!
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