super mario bros

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  1. L

    Want to Buy WTB Super Mario Bros The Movie Thwomp Stompers

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to finish my cosplay for Lugi from Super Mario Bros The Movie and im trying to find someone or a place that I can buy or put together the thwomp stompers worn in the film. If anyone is willing to help put this project together let me know rates and everything or any...
  2. Zlurpo

    Metal Mario Coin (complete)

    Well I had some metal Mario coins made. Not the kind of prop shown off the most around here, but I'm pretty happy with them. I only gave the design specs for these, I didn't create them myself. Zinc alloy, 40mm in diameter and 6mm thick.
  3. TR0N82

    Super Mario Bros Super Show Hats and overalls

    Greetings, Programs! I am in need of some help trying to figure out what type of hats Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells wore on the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Does anyone have any idea what type of hats they are? I've seen some that are kind of close, but not an exact match. Also a match for...
  4. W

    Various Costume Advice

    We are creating a web series that spans many different fictional worlds and are looking to create, buy, trade costumes and would love to hear some tips and tricks from people who have already worked on costumes for these characters. Here is a list of characters we are working on. Mushroom...
  5. T

    Super Mario Brothers Screenshots

    Hey all you RPF fans out there, need some solid help here. Myself and my son are wanting to go as the "super mario brothers" from the movie, the setup where they get serious, wearing the stompers and everything. Trying to get some nice screen caps or pictures from the movie, can anyone help us...
  6. Starfighter29

    Super Mario Bros. Stomper Boot

    I've posted this over on YourProps over the weekend, but figured there might be a few more interested folks here who would want to see this as well. First of all, I have to express a huge amount of thanks & gratitude to Sal & Mike for bringing this item to my attention and helping me acquire...
  7. D

    Super Mario Bros. meteorite necklace

    I watched Super Mario Bros. at my friends dorm lastnight, and ever since that movie came out, I have always wanted that meteorite necklace that Daisy wore. Has that piece ever been done by anyone on here, or more importantly, is there any interest in having one done?

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