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I'm asking if it is possible that the paper prop section (Harry Potter one in particular) was only open to registered users as on the old website. Over the last few years (even before the section being open) I've seen my work (and other members' work) being sold on sites like etsy and ebay. While it indeed has happened before it was opened to all users, it has been happening at a way greater rate since then. Is it is possible to maybe bring back the old registered-only policy? It's just a bit worrying, cause I really don't post my work anymore in fear that someone will make money off my designs. Thanks in advance.
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That’s true especially with the Harry Potter paper props over the years. Unfortunately, it seems there are always people who are going to exploit something like this to make money on those sites. Making it open to registered only users would be better than nothing, I think. I used to post more of my stuff and even some of my puppet patterns on here, and I’ve found it better to have people approach me through PM directly if they want to try out the printable files for their own use instead. In the threads, maybe post a smaller copy of the printable graphics, at least, not big enough to print at a high quality but sharp enough for proper viewing. These days I will just take a photo of the prop, rather than posting the work file. Leaving stuff out in the open seems to just invite more people who come by and download stuff, often times without saying a word.


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The images that are posted can not be downloaded without being a registered member. However that does not prevent downloading images that use an external host/link.


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Maybe make the paper prop section only available for Premium members? Although there are a lot of contributions there by non-premium members too... Hard one... I've seen some of my contributions pop up on eBay too, but what can you do about it? I hope people are smart enought to look for a free version of a certain paper prop online before buying something on eBay or Etsy...

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