StudioScale X-WING AND TIE


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Hi folks,

I finally have finished my first two studio scale crafts - the Mike Salzo X-Wing (formerly Captain Cardboard) and the Steve Neissen Tie fighter.

Here´s a pic of the XWing

and here´s the Tie

both together

More pics and other nice models are on my model website

Took me about 7 months for the XWing and 3 months for the Tie, with some other models in between.

Hope you like them....



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Awesome work. You also have some great pieces on your site. That Enterprise model is incredible. And I shorted out my keyboard drooling over that Falcon model. Good stuff.



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Thanks for your nice comments. The praise for the Falcon has to go to Alfred Wong - i only did the base, and Tim Ketzer did the fabulous job with the Enterprise....



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Those look great. :) Really great job on them especially the painting. I looked through the rest of your site and the quality shows through with the rest of your pieces. Really nice models all around. I just added a link to your site on mine. Thanks for sharing.. :)
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