Studio Scale SHADO Mobile build


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"UFO" was a Gerry Anderson TV Series from the early 1970's. It had many iconic vehicles and among the most recognizable was the SHADO Mobile. This pseudo-tank was a tracked vehicle for ground assault and command.

For a fairly simple design it is kit heavy, many are now rare and pricey. There is a good amount of reference material and quite a few studio scale versions have been built.

I've started my scratchbuild using blue foam insulation. The basic dimensions are (roughly) 20.25 X 9.00 X 5.75, this is of course up to interpretation. The studio models were destroyed and no example remains (best information)

As I said I've started by gluing 3 layers of blue foam insulation together and cut the basic shape. Next I'll sand in the radiuses and add the bits for the cab. Then a mold will be made and the body will be laid up in fiberglass and the kit parts added. Here's my progress for the week:
Had a slight delay with some confusion over dimensions. I've decided to go on as it is. I've also come down with a horrible cold which is slowing me down
Definately a build to watch. One of the most believable vehicles from the Anderson shows, along with the 1999 eagle. Looking forward to following the build. Do you have all the kits for detail parts?
^ Had a look at that article. Good God, the guy made each link in the tracks separately by hand! Are you going to do that? Looks like agony! Or have you got your hands on the original toy tank used by Meddings' blokes?
After a lengthy delay due to the US Thanksgiving holiday my mold and casting materials are to be delivered today! Things should start moving again.
UPS strikes again...they sent my stuff to the wrong city! It was out for delivery before the driver figured it out. the stuff arrived late last night.

So... molding and casting this weekend (finally)
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