Studio Scale Falcon kit


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Reminds me though of the day i put a good bid on Tims Icons hulls, only to get gazumped, and, to this day, ive never seen them built by the lucky winner, which is quite hilarious they became some kind of doorstop lol.



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Moe has a STARTER kit in the works.

Well, that's good news, I won't go any further with the starter set I proposed earlier then. Besides, Moe would be more an authority on the 32" than us, so we'll just stay with the 5' footer me thinks.


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Oh... yes thats right, been working on this for years now. Have redesigned it a couple of times to make it easy and cost friendly too. Not easy. My plan is to offer together with Frank ofcourse, a plain and clean hull no greeblies at all. Cockpit tunnel, docking rings, sidewalls and pits.
Here is some teasers, and dont ask me when its ready, it will be someday...



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A clean hull no greeblies? yeah, i can live with that, just hope im not too old to build it if and when it comes out lol!


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Well, whoever is going to do a naked hull, im all ears. Not sure what the plan is for Moe's though, is it a resin set of castings for the hull, or laser cut parts to build the inner frame etc?
Id rather go with what Stu had planned and have as little resin involved, but, while its all a bit up in the air and skeptical, ill sit back and watch it unfold.



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Hmm very interesting topic.
I look at the pics & ask what happened to the molds that made those sprues.
Kit parts already laid out on sprues like that would have been a huge investment.
Molds for injection molding are not cheap.
Bring it.