Studio Scale Cylon Raider Builders - any tips for me?


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Howdy all,

I recently purchased my first studio scale model (a Cylon Raider). I am getting ready to put it together.

I have been building models since I can remember and this is probably not any different. Just wanted to talk with those who have built the Cylon already.

Maybe you could share your experiences, or better yet lessons learned.

I also plan on getting a Studio Scale Viper. If anybody has any tips on that, that would be great.



Boba Flint

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I had only two problems.

1. I had to get a friend to wire up the LEDs for me.
2. Gluing the top and bottom half of the body was tricky. They were a little warped and did not match up. So I glued the ends of the top & bottom corners together, then with a hair dryer I slowly heated the top half so I could bend it back to shape and glued the halfs together along the way.

Other than that I just had to take my time painting everything.

Where are you getting the Viper from? If it is from MIM they sell a version that is cast very badly. I have not heard one good review about it. If you go with or from you will be alright.


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Thanks for the tips Boba Flint.

Hadn't purchased the Viper yet. I was hoping someone would chime in on which kits were good.

I have seen someone on Ebay selling them for around $75 to $100, but no pics of the raw kit. Bad sign right there.

Wasn't sure the differences between the MIM and the Scifimatters shop, but thought I read somewhere here about the MIM being warped.

Good info, thanks. Any advice on colors for the Cylon. Havn't really started researching the colors yet.



SSRN Seaview

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If anyone purchased this kit sans the cockpit and the Cylon crew (like me). An add-on kit is available now over at Federation Models website.
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