Studio Scale Batmobile, need help


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just started working on a studioscale batmobile in gf, bought it of ebay, needs work before finished,

would love to get my hands on pics from the real thing, blueprints ect.

anything you have that you think can help me, please send it to me...


will post pics as soon as theres something to show
What's the G.F Bat Mobile?Well...I'm sure they are useless,but long,long,long ago I got pictures of the "Stunt" Bat Mobile used in the very first film(Tim Burton).I think your only other chances of getting good picture references is in Cinefex maybe...I think I have an issue or two(maybe) and any fanmagazines or books related to the Art Design&production of the movie.That...and watching the movie&pausing is alot to look at the car.
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