Studio Half Scale TOS Enterprise Scratch build

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I must be crazy but here I go. I've been a modeler, makeup effects and creature man for many moons now. I've worked on everything from Star Trek the Motion Picture to Ghost Busters. But I always wanted to build the Enterprise and have a big model of her. Since I missed the Custom Replicas model I figured why not build one myself.

The technique I'm using is nothing new to Radio controlled airplane builders like myself. I'm using Depron foam sheet in various thicknesses and framing up the geometry of all the basic shapes off the scale plans. Make templates and cut bulkheads and frame them up and sheet them. Now I could do foam wire cutting. CNC. Or balsa construction but this foam sheet is very user friendly and not so messy.

Once I have the shapes I glass and epoxy for strength and beating on. All the small details and window reliefs can be added as well as placements for the NAV and other lights that adorn her hull.

Once I have all the masters and the smaller parts mastered then I can mold everything in RTV silicone. GI 1000 is my poison of choice. The mother molds will be epoxy glass. Main hull parts and nacelles will be epoxy glass while the other parts such as the Bridge, impulse engines and other such details will be made out of cast Alumilite.

Lighting will be LED based and small drive motors in the nacelles to get the warp engine effects.

So far I’ve framed up the saucer and I’ve started sheeting it. Here’s some pictures and the constant updates can be found on my Blog.

Also check out my website to learn more about this old guy with a kids passion for all things fun, Star Trek and Sci-Fi. Space, submarines, ships, airplanes, yada, yada, yada.

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I thought I recognized that bench.
I've been to your site before looking at the Gato and Nautilus models.
Very nice work.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on the E.

Now, this is gonna be another sweet build to follow!:) I've always wondered how prop builders think. I'm betting this won't be a slow build as you surely have all the ingredients and kitchen utensils to get a good stew brewing along. That first photo of you with the ship's frame in hand and all the good stuff in the background is some introduction and says it all. And the photos that followed - what technique! You'll be putting on quite a show I'm sure, and I'm happy to be part of the audience. I'm new to the forum myself, but let me greet you a hearty "Welcome aboard!":)
Wow! Welcome and great to see your project. Which blueprints are you working from? Do you have access to Gary Kerr's?

Awesome!!! A project I've always wanted to tackle myself! I love the models in the back-ground as well. Your tastes are very similar to mine :) (ok, I see the X-1, Mercury Redstone, XB-70, etc, lol)
Welcome to the asylum Steve! You probably won't remember me but I worked with you and Mike Hoover many moons ago on "Honey I Blew Up the Kid"...... Great to have you here!!
Give me a name I bet I do. You were working on the Bat boat no?

Feek61 if you want to get a better look at some of my models both scratch and kit builds go to my website. Blue prints. Lets just say they are accurate. I'm a stickler for that. Sometimes I even make my own plans when all else fails. It's so easy to be off on this model and it so often is. If you looks on my site at the Enterprise Project you'll see my CGI model of her I built is off. Nor a lot but enough to make me go back at some time and correct it.

Cracker I usually move pretty fast. But these days I have multiple projects going on between finishing my movie, building RC submarine models for customers, making masks and prosthetic ears I have a full plate. So I divide my time up as best I can.

D6 thanks go to my site and look at the big Seaview I did. It's still here the customer is nervous to have it shipped. I don't blame him.

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome and replies it very nice of you all.

Hey Steve, does Jim Davidson ring any bells?? After finishing up with you guys on the VERY small shooting crew we had for Honey Baby I then moved over to the other stage and went to work on the Bat boat / Bat mobile shots. So glad to hear a fellow fx veteran keeping their artistic plates full of great projects!!!
Jim it sure does. I remember. I hope you're doing the same. Never give up or give in. There's a lot of cool stuff do do still!

Still working?? Things have really slowed down for me but it just gives me more time to do my own work now. Best of both worlds and I don't have to get up at 5 am anymore. LOL!

Starting to do the bottom side. Using balsa filler to fill gaps and scratches with. Once sanded smooth the glass will lay down nicely. Here’s some pictures from tonights work. I should have the whole saucer sheeted tomorrow. A good friend of mine will be CNCing the smaller parts for me. Good news it should help speed up things a bit.




Yeah, watching scratchbuilds is just like watching how a magic trick is done. Steve, that balsa filler is wonderful. Is it a good straight replacement for putty? Off to google it up....
This build makes the process of creating the curves of the saucer look very easy.

Can it really be that simple? Or is he just that good! ? :D
Thanks guys. The filler is used for balsa but it sands so easy it matches the foam well. They both sand about the same rate and that's what you want. Once you have the basic shape and contours the whole shape will be epoxy glassed. Then I'll be able to continue on smoothing it with Ever Coat Metal glaze. Much better than Bondo. I never use it anymore. With Ever coat you can point up the shape perfectly and sands easy and smooth. Unlike Bondo. Yuck!


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