stripping paint from a resin kit?


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Whats the best method for stripping paint from, a resin item or kit? Both enamel and acrylic paints. I have a nice Gladiator bust arriving but the paintjob is pretty poor!



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Soak it in 'Castrol Super Clean' You can get it Wal-Mart or just about any car parts store. It's in a purple jug and cheap, maybe $5/gallon.

If it's too big to soak in a tub, wrap it with rags or paper towels and pour the Castrol soaking the rags.

24 hours of soaking and most of the paint will fall off.


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Yeah good call on the test it first I usually add that
any attempt to strip the paint might effect the resin itself, it all depends on the resin used and stripper being used.

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You can also use any other household cleaner that says may affect painted surfaces. Some people also use brake fluid but it's more likely to hurt your kit.

I have to concur with testing it.



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I would be very carefull with brake fluid on resin kits, it works great for may other plastics though, you can always test it out. You might also consider and TEST 'Easy Off' oven cleaner the 'Original Formula' or a cheap knock off brand that contains mostly LYE as the active ingredient.

As always test first and let it sit in excess of the amount of time you plan to be working with the remover.

Also once you get it clean soak the resin part in clear water for a day to make sure any reaction with the resin is ended.
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