Stop motion fans?


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I have really been on a STOP MOTION KICK.

Post your sources and ideas for stuff.

YES!! big fan of stop motion. In fact im a big fan of traditional effects work in genral, and actually get a kick out of seeing matte lines.... lol

I may be the biggest geek here... :)

I like some of the stopmotion stuff. I'm actually subscribed to a guy name Lee Hardcastle, and he even himself states "I make clay animations." Some of the ones he does are pretty amazing and gruesome (he loves doing the horror stuff). He's done 60 second versions of Eraserhead, Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead. He's done a sequel to the online animated classic Chainsaw Maid. And, he's made an awesome music video for a group called Love Automatic. I definitely recommend checking out his videos, including T is for Toilet.

There's a lot of great ones in film I'm interested in. BTW, did you know that Spielberg was going to use stop motion animation for the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park before he went with CG?
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