Steven Spielberg's Bridge Of Spies (Post-release)

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Vivek, Jun 5, 2015.

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    I saw this this past weekend with my Dad, and it was even better than I expected, knowing full well it was Hanks + Spielberg + real events...

    If you are on the fence, absolutely go see it.

    They do 'fudge' a few minor things, compressing time, adding little more drama by obscuring certain known facts, but still quite excellent.

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    Just got back from seeing it. Loved it, really great film. There was one scene where I was taken out of the story for a moment. Wasn't the film's fault. It was a scene with a bunch of press photographers and they all had medium format cameras with 2 and 3 cell flashes attached. I was looking to see if I could spot a Graflex or an MPP. :lol
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    Got to see this last night with a Q&A with Hanks, Spielberg, and much of Spielberg's creative team. I spotted tons of props that would make for excellent replicas. Let the hunt begin!
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    Definitely a good film and well worth seeing.

    Didn't think it was quite as fantastic as the critics did though. More like a good movie that will be forgotten in a year or two.

    Solid story, but not the greatest script. Dialogue was bit choppy and just a means to an end. It's a checklist in: we've got a list of things that need to happen so put em in, then a line or two to transition between em. No real enjoyment of the scene, unless it's something like when Tom Hanks takes the screen and rolls with it for a few minutes because he's F-ing Tom Hanks and can do that and make it awesome. Otherwise, we just move through the list of plot points...

    Saved by a truly amazing cast and great director. From Hanks on down the cast is outstanding.

    However, great director is also a double edged sword: lots of heavy handed scenes of "there will be no dialogue here, just BASK IN THE GLORY OF MY VISUAL SYMBOLISM!"

    When a young director tries that, usually someone from the studio will come along and smack them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and say "No!" But no one will do that with famous director, so they get left in.

    BUT, the upside of that sword is: he got famous for a reason. When the movie does move forward it's believable, and well shown.

    Bottom line: I actually enjoyed this. Some really great acting, and the story is good. Definitely worth seeing.

    Just not quite as life changing-ly good as the 92% RT rating suggests.

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