Starting Small On Bucle For Bag For Hippie

Andre de Jong

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Starting small

This bucle is based on the bags on the Hippie action figure build by Neca.

The problem is that i don't have sculping tools so i used an old multi tool, spoon and knive.
2013-01-27 16.35.30.jpg

2013-01-27 16.46.15.jpg

2013-01-27 16.54.01.jpg

2013-01-27 17.13.26.jpg

The Plaster is now drying and hopefully i have build mine first mold for latex.

Keep you updated.
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what kind of clay did you use ..if its WED ..scrape it out mostly with a wooden Popsicle stick ( metal with scratch mold ) ..then clean the rest out with water and an old toothbrush ..water will melt the wed clay out
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