Stargate Jaffa


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been a while since I posted.
my journey from scratch build to upgrades!

started a while back. 1st with foam

free hand foam from ref pics. Broom is not screen accurate :D

wanted the horus head as well - and modded JF customs work

- - - Updated - - -

detailing work on the foam

building the ears

test fit for scale

standard PVA glue sealing and then ready for paint!

eyes built from a oragne juice cap and clear plastic bead

nail polish to get the red tint

initial paint job


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amazing work, i like the broom to sweep those pesky S.G.1 agents away :lol putting a tin of sweets in front of your costume as a bribe :facepalm shame on you :p


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appreciate the comments guys!
I was gonna make my way round the whole costume - but I managed to get in touch with Alex from Props Factory in France - and he hooked me up with a cast from originals set!

the Horus head still went very well with it though!

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