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Hi everyone,

I'm doing some preliminary research on a possible Stargate Atlantis cosplay and would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this one.

If I go for an off-world team outfit, I'm going to need to identify the different tactical vests that everyone wore. I understand they are almost all variations of an Blackhawk Omega tactical vest, but different characters seem to have different pockets (personal choice no doubt) and more noticeably, different right-hand breast pieces.

Plus boots, the watches they wore...everything.

A thousand thanks in advance for any info anyone might have.


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ive on and off been putting an outfit together too so ive stumbled across some useful things.

the first is a website called stitch's loft he does a lot of stargate related things, has info and a few videos to show off things he has (Pegasus Costume Archives - STITCH'S LOFT)

the second useful thing i found i sadly forgot exactly where i found it (i think a random gateworld forum) its a document that lists items, some brands, and a basic list of mods for things such as the leather jackets for each character in atlantis (SGAtlantis Black UK.pdf)

hope those links help you out

i found the page containing all uniforms, from movie to universe for those that want other options
([Guide] : STARGATE Costumes, Uniforms / Cosplay, Airsoft - GateWorld Forum)
no idea who the guy is but hes a legend for doing so much work/research and giving tips where he could so thank him, not me
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