Starfleet Officer's retirement display


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maybe this question can be answered by someone who has been in the military?

when you retire, what items (besides your uniform) do you get to keep?

i'm setting up a Trek display with me and my father (passed away) and was thinking of displaying my Dad as a retired Starfleet officer whom isn't with us anymore...

maybe a display case with "his" command uniform, (folded) MR phaser and MR communicator ... i was also thinking about a starfleet flag folded as well, but i'm not that sold on the flag idea...

pictures would be wonderful for those that have them... (your Trek displays)
thanks in advance


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My father's U.S. Navy retirement display has the folded flag from his retirement ceremony, a brass plate with his name and grade on it, and all his uniform insignia, ribbons, and medals.

I would think the Trek equivalent would be a similar plain brass plate with name and rank, a folded UFP flag, and whatever pins/badges/patches/stripes/braids/medals are worn on the dress uniform. If you display those items in a shadowbox it would look like a real retirement presentation. You could always display the phaser and communicator next to the shadowbox.

I hope that helps.



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I don't know if this would be of any help, but didn't Data have some kind of medal case at some point? I remember him packing it, I think in a relatively early episode of TNG, but can't recall which one.


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The Measure of a Man. Where Data is put on trial as to whether he is "alive" or a machine.