star wars video board game, what costumes where used?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by frosty, May 29, 2006.

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    Well i bought this on ebay a while back, got me to thinking about the costumes, they look good to me, but i was wondering where they original costumes,or tour suits, i was surprised prowse wore the costume again, in some scenes he appears to be having difficulty walking.
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    I LOVE that tape. I watch it sometimes just for laughs. I think they might be just Tour Suits. There's lots of good armor shots on that tape that not many people remember. To me, the Troopers look like they're made of spatula rubber. :lol

    I think Prowse hurt his leg or had bad Artheritis at the time. There's a pic from the set in an old INSIDER of him sitting with a brace on his leg. He wore it under the shin armor if I recall. It was nice of LFL to get him back to do that though because he deserves better treatment from them in my opinion.
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    Hehe, I also bought this off eBay, for the stormtrooper footage on the tape. There's also some great pics of the troopers on the game cards that are included with the game :thumbsup

    From the look of the costumes, I'd say they were Tour suits...


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