STAR WARS: The Sith Supremacy short film in pre-production!


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Hello everyone,
I proudly present today the webpage for the new short film:

STAR WARS: The Sith Supremacy

This short film takes place few years after EPIII, and involves a young woman who's looking for Vader. She wants to attract Vader to her planet and kill him...but there is a Sith between her and Vader...
Why? How will she manage it? We'll have to wait and see...

Please take a close look to the webpage, though it's almost empty now, we will launch a teaser soon...

Thanks everyone and may the force be with you!
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STAR WARS: The Sith Supremacy

Hello there!
We have a teaser poster we hope to enjoy.

Hope to come again with good news, and some about the production as it begins.

Thanks everyone!
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Looking forward to seeing this!

I still have a fan film on the back burner I started in late 1998 (finished principle shooting 2003... yes on and off, not constant, ha!) I still struggle to get this done with all my other projects and life junk... and new baby. The poster and title graphics were the easiest part of the whole thing! Getting the cast all in one place at one time was a whole task in itself! Make sure you have a good group of equally motivated people helping out and DON'T use your friends, haha!

Thankfully you're doing a short! I bit off more than I could chew over time doing full length with no crew!
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