Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi (tv series)

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Healthier food options with cleaner diets and people becoming more fitness conscious with each passing generation and it's little wonder that people seem to age slower. Couple that with advancements in medicine and you'll see movie stars age even slower with the types of personal service that comes with their success, like personal trainers and chefs etc. I started graying by my early 30's and now in my 40's have lots of gray. Though so much of that comes down to genetics, even though I like to joke and say mine personally came from working in retail for 25 ish years. :lol:

It is interesting to try and reconcile how Ewan looks in this new series and to think ten years later he will look like Alec Guinness. Then again I'm also not as much concerned about that as I am with the content of the story and the continuity being broken. I'm afraid so much of this show is going to lean on technicalities to the point where it will undermine what we already know.

From a production perspective, I'm actually quite impressed with the costumes and props, setting aside the male Inquisitor characters. To me they just look silly and cartoonish. Some designs just don't translate from animation to live action. Even setting aside my dislike of the Inquisitors as a concept for this era in the timeline, I just don't think they look good.

Vader, Reva, Kenobi himself, Owen, and the extras look fantastic though! And those early shows of the props and you just know they will be replicated here with great accuracy by the members here. For me, if the show gives us some cool new "stuff" then that scratches that creative itch for me. The show itself will be an afterthought.
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Part of the issue here I think is that over the last 40 years the idea of what 40, 50, and 60 look like has gotten quite different, especially in Hollywood. We're all accustomed now to seeing actors in their 50's looking like what our brains expect people in their mid 30's to be.

Case in point, Salma Hayek. Also people have mentioned several times that Wilford Brimley was always way younger in the 80s movies than we thought. As a kid, I would have said he was probably in his 70s in the Ewok movies.


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Casting of young for old is an old trick. Some actors seem to have been born 40 years old. Ed Harris, Michael Ironside, Roy Scheider, Lance Hendrickson, Chuck Norris... All much younger than we would believe during their films of the Era.

There is also the running joke of the typical jogger in Los Angeles being 22, looking like 62, due to exposure and air quality. Booze and smoking age a person very quick. Some people just have aged well.


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Hate to start this up or carry it from the Book of Boba but this is appropriate to the conversation...can you believe Garsa Fwip is almost 60?


Hey maybe Obi-wan will run into her on Tatooinne!!!


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Oh yeah, definitely missed a lot of it. I fell asleep while Tem was in costume, sticking his tongue out and shaking a lot, or dancing, not exactly sure what it was. Maybe a vertical seizure.
It’s worth a watch.. glorifying Rodriguez like what he delivered was gold, and not one SECOND of scooter gang kids shown at all!!

What’s that tell you?!

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