Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland Paris

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by, Apr 29, 2012.

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  2. micdavis

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    Every time you go there, the ride is a different cut.
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  3. jedimaster

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    They need one at Disneyland Hong Kong. They just opened the toy story land there and it's still way too small. You can do the whole park in half a day. They are currently operating at a loss but star wars would definitely bring in the bucks there.
  4. robstyle

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    They still have Disneyland in Paris?
  5. goapebilly

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    Actually disneyland paris is okay,other then all the foreigners :) The workers arent the nicest, but it isnt overcrowded, its a nice day, and you dont have to navigate around the sweaty ,disgusting fatties like you do in orlando.
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    But... but that's part of the experience!
  7. thehalfboy

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    Hmmmm... This makes Euro Disney a little more interesting. Still ridiculously overpriced, but interesting none the less.
  8. robstyle

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    Can it possibly be worse than the OG Disneyland? They should advertise the biggest ride of them all that encompasses the entire theme park from the parking lot to the toilets, "the can of sardines". You ride it willing or not and while your in it, its inescapable.
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    In our defense, only about 75% of Americans are morbidly obese...
  10. talye05

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    I am intrigued by this notion, however I am still more drawn to the fact that Universal Studios has freakin' Harry Potter.
  11. niennumb1

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    WHY THERE as the place they put that land? That s*** needs to stay here in the USA where Star Wars was conceived!
  12. Mattdavid

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    Why in the USA?
    Star Wars belong to the entire world even if it's been conceived there.
    It should be landing on ENDOR so that nobody would be jealous of this location :D

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