Star Wars Heat Transfers

Discussion in 'Free Replica Paper Props' started by atacpdx, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. atacpdx

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    I thought I would share these. These are ready to print onto heat transfer paper for those great shirts we all remember from the early Star Wars days!
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  2. franz bolo

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  3. patsmear

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    I had a couple of those!
  4. division 6

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    I think I may still have the original book somewhere, although the pictures have bled to the other pages.
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  5. Bear

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    Thanks very much for sharing these.(y)thumbsup:)
  6. amish

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    Thank you, very nice!
  7. Broadway204

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  8. bron

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    Wonderful images! I take it you can use inkjet printers for this type of paper?
  9. Harry Propper

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    These do indeed look great. Super-retro geekery! I have not had much luck getting inkjet heat transfers to come out looking as good I'd like. Never gotten one to look anywhere near as good as a pro transfer. Any hints or tips on best way to print, and apply, and the best type of shirts to use would be awesome.
  10. repy

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    What a treasure!!!! Memories flashing back!!!!!!
    Thank you very much for these :thumbsup
  11. Goodwolf

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  12. Idaho Jones

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    Very cool thanks for sharing!
  13. exetor999

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    I remember these from when I was a kid. My mom ironed them onto shirts for me to wear, and a couple of washes, the rubber would crack, and they would fall apart. It was a shame, but now, you can use avery dark transfers (you have to turn the pictures over) and they will almost be like silk-screened transfers, if you get the iron hot enough. I have
    several t-shirts that I have done that with, and they stay new looking, even after 20 washes. Try them, you will not be disappointed.
    thanx for the share.

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