Star Trek vs. Aliens, who would win?

Star Trek. The aliens can't move from planet to planet, Starfleet could park a couple of ships in orbit and blast them. I guess it depends on what version of Star Trek we're talking about. Old Trek, the aliens are toast. New Trek, they'd be down there trying to give the aliens a hug because "muh diversity!"
agree someone will try a hug post-Borg. Wesley will have a plaque in his honor at starfleet headquarters *after* the planet in question is terraformed with torps and phasers :cool:
According to the latest episode of Strange New Worlds, Starfleet wins, but at a cost.

That's only because SNW Starfleet are comprised of idiots.

You guys beat me to it. Yes, they completely ripped off the Alien franchise, right down to having a Newt character. But I wouldn’t call killing off the most tedious character and sending the second-most tedious character off on a pilgrimage a cost, exactly. More like a fringe benefit.

Know what? Come to think of it… everybody lost.
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Aliens would win, but let's try a tag team match of Star Trek / Alien v Star Wars / Predator :)

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