Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Phaser


The paint is a bit of a story. Here goes. I personally found the VHT SP403 Titanium Silver Blue and thought it was a very close visual match to the color I was seeing in the Chicago pictures. I've finished many phasers with that color. A while back another person who claimed to have a connection to the production told me about an AC Delco 46 WA 928L that was supposed to be what they used on the screen used guns. I bought a can of that and did a couple guns. It is a darker silver blue. My opinions is that it is actually a bit too dark compared to what I see on screen. We now know that the hero guns from production were anodized metal. No paint. No, who really knows. I went back to the VHT bacause I feel the lighter color matches the FEEL of the color on screen, under studio light. My personal opinion :)

I'm not sure why yours looks so light. I also spray mine over a black primer and it never gets quite that light looking as yours. Wish I could help more.

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THANK YOU!!! This is so helpful.

If my VHT was turning at as yours, I’d be a happy camper. For whatever reason, I’m not getting the same results.

I just bought a couple of cans of the AC Delco paint. Wish me luck!


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I am selling these ... haven'y done a run thread. I also spent the last week making tons of little adjustments to make it closer to accurate. Including reducing the size significantly. The screen-used phasers are not any larger that the TOS phasers. Here's a pic showing my first two size attemps on the top, and the final size on the bottom right.

I'll have new pictures to share soon. PM for details on buying one.
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I'm interested in you SNW phaser. How many peices does it come I? And cost?

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