Star Trek II Romulan Ale Bottle - NEW PICS - PAGE 1 & 4!


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The purpose of this thread is to attempt to identify and make a replica of the famous bottle of Romulan Ale that Bones gives to Kirk on his 52nd birthday. Here are screencaps of the bottle in question.




EDIT - A few years later and this thread has been resurrected....with a little progress...

I've taken on the task of designing the bottle in SolidWorks. If there is sufficient interest, I plan to have this cast in clear acrylic.

Here are some pics of the current design. Watch this space for design updates.



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I think he means this bottle...



I was always under the impression it was either made from turned acrylic, assembled from sections of thick acrylic tubing, or a combination of the two.
Yes, that's the one. I had screencaps, but didn't get a chance to upload them.

So, yeah, I'm talking about the stepped clear bottle.

And I want one because my Mom brought me back a sixer of Romulan Ale from Vegas and I had read that forum you linked to recommending it NOT be drunk. Nevertheless, I stuck one in the fridge and I'll be sucking it down this afternoon ;)

I'd like to use a couple of the rest of them to fill a nifty repro of this bottle for display.
It was custom-made for the Movie.

I have never seen anyone do a run of these so, if anyone did, I am sure it would sell.
OK, so let's do one.

I'd imagine the "easiest" way to make one would be to use an existing bottle and surround it with a clear acrylic sleeve at the bottom, and smaller rings at the top. Looking at the way the liquid pours when bones pours the stuff in ST II, and in the cap above I would surmise that is how they made the original bottle.
I disagree. I think the prop department fabricated the bottle and simply sealed it properly so it could contain the liquid.

I think the bottle consists of:

1. A turned acrylic "stepped" top with a cylindrical center opening.

2. An acrylic tube body.

3. An acrylic disc bottom.

4. A metal "cap", possibly with a cork.

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Incidentally, I tried the Romulan Ale I stuck in my beer fridge last night...yeah, it's pretty much vile. It tastes like the lightest beer possible, and the after taste from the blue dye leaves you with a vaguely metallic yet oily film in your mouth. Yuck.

All the more reason to make a nifty bottle so I can pour the rest of this crap into it and seal it away forever. :D
I looks to me to be two basic parts. The bottom "Cup"(could have been pre-existing) attached by being plastic welded(acitone) to the stepped upper part which is just drilled in the center to make the pouring neck. The almost solid top gives the illusion of two different layers of fluid.
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I looks to me to be two basic parts. The bottom "Cup"(could have been pre-existing) attached by being plastic welded(acitone) to the stepped upper part which is just drilled in the center to make the pouring neck. The almost solid top gives the illusion of two different layers of fluid.
I concur with ^THIS^ assessment. :thumbsup
Re: Star Trek II Romulan Ale Bottle

If someone was interested in doing this Bottle, I would be interested in being on the top of the list...I am sure that there are a few on here that would want one as well. I do not have the tools to do it, but I have a few suggestions of how this thing was made...Then we can go from there...It looks like there are 7 Steps making the top Pyramid, a tube where the drink pours running through to the bottom of the Pyramid, with the steps/pyramid built around it, but it stops where the bottom step screws into the bottom cylinder/canister (Important for cleaning purposes)thus creating a small 8th step at the bottom of the Pyramid, thus having a seperate holding tank for the liquid. When the liquid is poured it is poured through the tube opening at the bottom of the pyramid through the tube that is attached to the pyramid bottom or the bottom attached to the tube or all 1 piece... If this makes sense..? The Glass stopper at the top with a cork attached to the bottom creating a leakproof seal. The bottom cylinder/canisters can be frosted or clear, I prefer clear, as I think the bottle that McCoy gave Kirk was clear, but will take both Canister versions. I believe the whole thing was made from Acrylic, but perhaps for this project a more durable, stainless type of material can be used....I have not seen this bottle anywhere, and do not know of another except the original or originals if there were a clear and/or frosted versions. If I am missing something in the description please chime in...Perhaps we can get someone on here to build it....I have a few bottles but not this one....
Re: Star Trek II Romulan Ale Bottle

Funny that you bump up this thread. I and some friends are doing a fanfilm and surely a romulan bottle will be needed. Since I don't have one, I have to find a adequat replacement. So, I had this empty VOSS bottle for a while and I removed the silk-screen parts and slapped a modified romulan flag WMF I found on the download page of, replaced the font with the official I have from Bitstream and et voilá... a cheap romulan bottle prop.

BTW: The liquid is with water thinned blueberry soft-drink - so it's drinkable.


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