Star Trek: First Contact Spacesuit

Mr. Nagata

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Another project I'm working on for the Vegas convention. First Contact spacesuits for me and my friend. Also my first foam fabricating project. The originals were vac-formed, but I'm making from foam to save time.

IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1610.jpg IMG_1613.jpg IMG_1689.JPG IMG_1696.JPG

I'll have some videos about this build up in the next couple of weeks on my youtube channel.

Mr. Nagata

Sr Member
I made a cardboard template then cut the visor out of 0.040 PETG. Then I folded it and shaped it a little with a heat gun. I didn't want to spend the time to make a proper v-form buck, and since this visor is mostly planar forms, I knew I could do it this way.

Beautiful work as always.

How did you make the visor?



Master Member
This is fantastic.
I saw your video on the Tested Youtube showing Adam your workspace and NASA Spacesuits which was fascinating and insightful.
Will you be releasing patterns for the FC spacesuit?

I'd LOVE to see you make a Star Trek Enterprise spacesuit!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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