Star Trek DS9 Dabo Chips


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Waiting on some more of the yellow and blue acrylic, but have been casting up the coins today. Should have at least 100 sets when I'm done :) I still need to paint the coins just put them in to make sure sizing was correct.



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Is there any chance you can post the individual coins in greater detail? If your camera doesn't have macro mode it's cool, just wanted to see the detail better.


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I tried to get a closer shot but the flash kept washing it out and without the flash it was to dark, I'll try to take another one later on today, those were taken at night so maybe some natural sunlight will work better.


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Well my cheapo digital doesn't have a macro setting so these are the best I could do

Mine is on the left, the one on the right is screen used.

unsanded, unpainted coin, and the chip hasn't had the corners rounded over.

Screen used coin.
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