SS A-Wing Hull Patterns and build


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I put some parchment paper down as a barrier I am going to
clay the bottom hull to the top hull. This way I can make sure everything
lines up from side to side,I will be able separate them when finished.

It wouldn't be a Mike build thread without seeing your socks, and so clean with all that black dust around, your almost as tidy as he who shall not be named
I am pretty sure I changed socks..... They were def black after sanding! LMAO Never as tidy as he who won't be mentioned...I work in a controlled mess at all times actually don't let the pictures fool you.
Ok sorting out the bottom hull with some sanding....

Couple things I wanted from the last time a good edge and the roundness at the back...

Added some tape to see the cut away areas......

Will be making new canopy and part that sits behind it....these are the old ones.

Separated ........

Weight both hulls....
Absolutely love reading your threads, I've learned a lot on vacuum forming and the construction of, just by your images alone.

I have a question though, is the contour of the A-Wing body different when comparing the top to the bottom?

I've always liked the A-Wing, but never really looked hard at it to study the shape.
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