SS '89 BATMOBILE (Update 3/28)


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Hi Everyone.

I wanted to showoff my latest score. I just paid a VERY pretty penny for this 1:8 Studio Scale '89 Batmobile kit and have a good friend helping me with cleaning her up :) The casting is BIG, 29" with the fins and is cast from one of the three 1:8 models they used for the miniature work in Batman. It has an undercarriage and all of the cockpit... the wheels are OK but I think I want some sweet bronze rims with real rubber urethane, so I'll post progress as we get further... we're rebuilding a lot of this.

My friend helping out with this project got a coat of primer on her :) I'd say things are moving along...

Here's one that was sold recently from Profiles...

Stay Tuned...



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Cannot wait to get this finished :) There is NO other Batmobile IMO... well the 60's one was pretty cool ;)



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is this a wayne tek does need alot of help to get it right, but still not bad... I'll be laser cutting alot of details and photoetching details if necessary to get this right. the original was made by the magic model company second model unit for the film over at Pinewood Studious, I have the original WB molds i traded many moons ago. this 1/8 scale model was ultimately, never used in the Axsis Chemicals scene,as intended



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I would give my left nut for this model. :eek The 89 Batmobile is far and away the best.

Cannot wait to see her finished.



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Looking forward to seeing how this turns out as i have one of these kits as well. :)

So many little time :unsure



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Dave, a little heads up on your castings would of been nice when you told me not to bid on this one from E-bay, I spent $1,500 on this one here. I have been searching for this model for over 2 years now since I owned one before and sold it and have been kicking myself ever since.
You wrote me from E-bay while I had my bid in and warned me that this was not the Studio Scale version and just a poorly made fan made model, when in fact this is the 'cast from' model that was made for the miniature Chemical Plant scenes in Batman?
You have me very confused Dave? You say right in your post that this was one of the ones made for the movie? But when you wrote me on E-bay you said it was fake?

I'm already re-doing most of the inaccuracies that have been brought up, but this model is hands down the most accurate model I have ever seen of the '89... and I think once I re-do the wheels this baby will be beyond accurate...



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Originally posted by autoprops713@Mar 24 2006, 01:50 PM

I've seen castings like this on Ebay from time to time that claim to be from the studio molds but in fact were from the old Comet Miniatures kit. The pictures (or picture?) the guy was showing did not look very convincing. I was just trying to help you out man, it looks like you got a good one though. Mine is not better than yours because they all have ther same DNA. Do I sound jealous? I hope not.  :)

Since you posted pics of mine up above anyway, I wanted to point out that it wasn't a kit in any way and had in fact lots of dedicated hours put into it for a wonderful charity.

The ones I have are not for sale and no, I do not know of anyone selling these.

Didn't mean to imply anything, just wanted to help with some info. Good luck.

It's all good Dave... I was just a little curious because you had warned me of it and now you say it is indeed the right one?

I just hope mine comes out as nice as the one you did :D