SS '89 BATMOBILE (Update 3/28)


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Originally posted by RickDTM@Mar 24 2006, 05:10 PM
Howard - Are you going to use RC wheels for the rubber?  How about the rims.....machined?
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Yes Rick, I'm machining the rims into bronze and having the tires done up in black rubber urethane. I should have all the masters ready within two weeks to mold :)

This kit is going to be the SHIZ.

Firefox, this is turning into a hyjack, please start another thread for you studios molds...



Can you let me know if you can produce an extra set of the rims and tires. I have a body
but would like to get a nice set of accurate rims and such for mine. Just let me know
what they would run. I would gladly purchase a set from you. :D

Let me know if this is doable. Thanks man. :thumbsup