Spray Putty on helmets


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An automotive restorer relative of mine took some interest in a helmet I was bondo'ing and suggested for a really smooth finish I should use spray putty to fill out any little holes. Has anyone tried this? His work on restoring 50 year hot rods is superb so I think he is serious in automotive applications, not sure about costume helmets :S


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There are a few types out there, I've seen stuff called Slicksand but don't know how well it would work for that type of application. If it does, it would surely speed up the finish time on a lot of projects.


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Its a 3M brand automotive spray putty. He uses it before he wet sands it to a glossy finish before painting. I'm hoping it is a simple way of filling over spot putty etc where you may miss bits and have to go back and re-putty and sand. A couple of layers he says is all it should take but curved surfaces like helmets you have to be careful about an even layer.


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I've used this on product design models back in college. It fills in all the pin sized air holes you get from Bondo. Wet sand it with 800-1000 grit and it's smooth as glass.


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relative is right(y)thumbsup(y)thumbsup
spray putty is a high build filler primer.(thick primer)
i use 4 to 1 2k filler primer (4 parts paint 1 part activator)for the same purpose of filling tiny pinholes.
apply a few coats at intervals when dry apply a guide dust coat of matt black sand to a finish. also good for minor low spots.


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Sounds like a product to use, thanks for feedback seems like an alternative to going over the helmet with spot putty and trying to find fill the pin holes.
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