Anyone bought Star Trek tunics/wraps from Dennis Choo on Facebook Star Trek costume forums?

Nope, but nakai here makes awesome Tunics and wraps as well
Nakai is the same lad, Dennis Choo, and yeah, I have both his Spock shirt and the belt wrap for the phaser/comms too, I'm also getting the Season 2 wrap soon and maybe something more....His work is superb as Apollo states, and I have no issues with the shirts he's made, so yeah, absolutely "good to go" I'd say, once you check sizing, that is!
im thinking of a Kirk Season Two wrap since ive given up on my Anovos order!
Yeah, same here! Season two wraps did look rather superb, so I've told him I'm ordering as soon as my wages come through...He's an absolutely solid bloke, friendly and always glad to help out on sizing etc. So I'd not worry at all about the order....They look at least comparable to Anovos, and waaaay more reliable too..

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