Spiderman costume repair advice Please Help


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Hello guys

I am looking for some help or advise on making minor repairs to my Spidey costume i bought some time ago of Ebay.

Ok the webbing is made from some sort of silver Arcrlic flexible paint, can anyone tell me where i would get this and how to apply?

Also the eye piece is coming loose, what is the best material glue to restick this?

I would appreciate any advise

Please help
While I have never repaired one myself, the instructions I got with one I picked up suggest repairing the eye with Quick Grip glue, which supposedly can be found at Wal-mart.
The webbing it says can be repaired with Tulip metallics silver dimensional acrylic fabric paint. It suggests looking at crafts stores for this.

With whatever you do, I'd be interested in hearing how it turns out incase I need to do it myself in the future.
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